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Butchery knives: The essential kitchen gadget

Crude forms of tools were used since the Stone Age for cutting meat, which was made of stone’s but the utility of these cutting tools, still remains. In today’s era the butchery knives have become far more sophisticated and make cutting meat far easier. Also the variety of knives makes it useful for different purpose.

A butcher’s knife is a knife that is primarily designed for butchering or dressing of meat. However butchery knives are not only used by butchers alone, it is also an excellent tool even for cooks as it can cut, mince and take out the skin from the meat. That makes cooking far easy. Also knives used to cut vegetables are not ideally suited to cut meat.

Some of the popular types of butchery knives are ‘cimeter’ that is used cut big pieces of meat, ‘skinning knife’ that is used to remove the skin from the animal or poultry, ‘messer slicer’ that is used for slicing meat in to small pieces and cleaver that comes with a broad blade and is square in shape that is used to cutting through the bones and gristle.

A lightweight knife is always preferable. Also, it is very important to regularly sharpen the butchery knives for effective use. A blunt knife not only requires more effort but also is very dangerous. It is not very hard to sharpen a knife, as it can be sharpened by either a mechanical knife sharpener or even by flat stones. It is also advisable to check whether the knife is made of stainless steel or not, and its spine should be looked at.

The Swibo products like the L196 & L188 offers an interesting range of knives come within a reasonable price range with regards to its high quality. The standard size is a 10” blade and a 12” bade. The colors of the handle may vary according to your choice. This gives it a good worth for its money. They come within a price range of £27 to £30. They can be ordered online.

It is always safe to trust a brand with a good reputation as it lasts longer and it does not break. Also a thick spine allows steady cutting. These knives can perform heavy cutting duty and make cooking far easier. However choosing the right knife is also important, as a knife used for skinning cannot be used for cutting big pieces of meat

It is also very important to keep butchery knives outside the reach of children, as the knives are very sharp and dangerous.


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